My MSc. thesis in a short view     

Title: Study and design the Architecture Foundation

Iranian Architecture Foundation (IAF) is a national nonprofit organization that seeks to educate individuals and community leaders about the power of architecture to improve lives and transform the places where we live, learn, work, and play. We believe that our cities and buildings affect our mental well-being and quality of life in profound ways. Through numerous outreach programs, grants, and educational resources, IAF aims to inspire people to become thoughtful and engaged stewards of the world around them


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   : Abstract 

This project tries to introduce a center which aims to maintain and advance education, public participation and design excellence in architecture, urban design, etc. It will provide an environment for conversation (Dialogue and Monologue) between architects and the society who are the main users of architecture spaces. Due to its specific characteristics, this center can be considered both as cultural and educational complex. IAF can be discriminated from other educational architectural institutes (governmental or non governmental) from its investigation nature

 Unfortunately, cultural complexes due to the lack of attention and knowledge about art and its specific nature are not capable to play an important role in this issue.

    Architectural education institutions also due to the method of education and

 teaching  manner as well as limitation on investigationand research par

 study can not perform a complete role.

The main problem of these institutions and complexes is their weak relation

 with society and public as the main applicant. This will be resulted in a big

 distance between society request and what is actually done. 

During this project, I tried to mix cultural centers indexes (like stablishment

 of specialized  seminars, conferences, exhibitions etc.) with educational

 centers indexes(like architecture classes and workshops) and informative

 centers indexes(like special libraries and architectural information desk etc. 

 Actually Architecture foundation will be a mixture of all of these indexes .

Totally this center presents an unrivalled program of talks events, debates

 , exhibitions competitions , etc.  


IAF's role is to promote and encourage the best in contemporary

  architecture and bringing it to a wide public .Through its critically

 projects and events IAF works with some of the country’s most

 outstanding architects, and other influential and inspiring people.

 This can be a way to spread architecture concepts into the society

 and get feedback from them.




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